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Riccardo Linassi, brazilian, musician, drummer!

Born in Maraú city/Brazil in august 1979, self-taught, begun playing the drums at the age of 11. In 1998 had a brief passage in Musisinos – school of music, when he learned music theory, and since then he studies on his own account. Two years later, he was drums teacher using the method he created himself.
In 2002 he moved to Belo Horizonte city, where he lives today. He worked at the Sonar Studio until 2009.
Music student at the University of the State of Minas Gerais – ESMU/UEMG, he is also member of the Musical Darezzo Institute, on line music school, developing the play alongs and the drum parts in lots of projects.
Versatile and eclectic musician, he works from the soft regional music to heavy metal and all the variations - all these music styles formed him as a professional musician. He has no influence of one single drummer, so he can flow among all the music styles.
His ability with other musical instruments took him to music writing, so some of his music where recorded in albuns of his former bands. In 2011 he released two CD's with his own compositions, the first one in heavy metal style and the second in rock. There's a third album is being prepared, a rescue to the past, songs that were kept "in the back drawer".
As a freelance musician he has played with Marcelo Barbosa, Devil Dust, Mercantes, Jon Neto, among many others.
Currently he has been doing shows and workshops with many artists and travelling all over Brazil.
Some drummers he admires: Nicko Mcbrain, Charlie Benante, Mike Portnoy, Mike Terrana, Uli Kusch, João Barone, Charles Gavin, Kiko Freitas, Ricardo Confessori, Aquiles Priester, Ivan Busic... the list is huge!

Professional Experience with the Bands

  • Age of Artemis (heavy metal)   2014 - Current

    Revelation band of 2011, cover of "Hell Divine"magazine for 2 issues, and one of the main attractions of Rock in Rio 2015. Recently, member of the cast of a Japanese record label: king Records.

    Directa (rock)   2014

    The newest hard rock band from Belo Horizonte city brings about contemporary chronicles accompanied by a sound full of attitude.

  • CA$H (90's and 2000's rock)   2011 - Current

    10-year-old band, stablished as one of the main references in the Belo Horizonte city rock scene.

    Aunora (2000's rock)   2011

    He has reached great mentions from the special midia when releasing his EP.

  • Revox Revival (classic rock)   2009 to 2011

    Well-known band by the north of Minas Gerais state motorcycle clubs.

    Rock Station (90's rock)   2009 to 2011

    Main band in Belo Horizonte city night clubs, renowned by the ability of condensing several music styles in one single concert.

    Vinil (classic rock)   2009

    Highlighted band for the last four years in the Belo Horizonte city.

  • Seawalker (heavy metal)   2008 to 2010

    The band has conquered the media with excellent mentions!

  • Escarpus (thrash metal)   2007 to 2009

    Winner of the Minas Gerais state, regional level, Wacken Metal Battle 2006.

  • Belloween (heavy metal)   2006 to 2007

    Helloween band tribute.

  • Dinnamarque (heavy metal)   2005 to 2011 - Current

    Winner of the tie of Minas Gerais state Wacken Metal Battle 2009. Member of the Metal Front cast!

    Superbox (pop/rock)   2005 to 2009

    Highlighted in the "Bandas de Garagem" contest on TV Show and other TV and radio appearences, as the "Silicone Show" of the 98fm radio station.

    Brave (heavy metal)   2005 to 2010

    One of the finalists of Wacken Metal Battle 2007. One of the 10 best bands of Minas Gerais state voted on Brasil Metal Union 2006.

  • Mahgah (mpb/rock)   2003 to 2012

    Cover band of the Brazilian famous artist Cassia Eller, with lots of TV appearances, including one on TV show in the Cassia Eller's tribute.

  • Ata D'arc (heavy metal)   2002 to 2005

    National success band in Metal scene, founded by Túlio Torres and Riccardo Linassi.

    Skellter (rock)   2002 to 2003

    One of the winners of the 1st Skol Rock festival.

  • Raça Galponeira (southern music)   2001 to 2002

    Traditional music of Southern Brazil.

  • In Excelsis (rock/blues)   1999

    3rd place at festival of bands in the north of Rio Grande do Sul state.

  • Projeto Oculto (rock)   1998

    Band of the year in the Rio Grande do Sul state.

  • Behead (rock)   1997

    Highlight band in the north of Rio Grande do Sul state.

  • Densidade Zero (rock)   1993 to 1994

    Highlight band in the middle plateau of Rio Grande do Sul state.

  • Curto Circuito (rock)   1991

    2nd place at the Regional Festival of Infant Freshmen of Rio Grande do Sul state.


Drowning Lies

Riccardo Linassi

Drowning Lies, the second solo album by drummer Riccardo Linassi, released in 2011, is an incursion into hard rock.
The compositions still keep a clear metal influence, both in melodies and in lyrics, but hard rock sets the tone from the first track, entitled "Circus of Life".
In addition to the drums, Linassi shows he is versatile in the main vocals of the excellent "".




Earthcode, is an independent CD with diverse themes approaches, with 8 tracks counting with one instrumental. Ricardo Linassi, the band's first drummer, co-authored with Filipe Duarte two tracks on the album.
The work features a powerful Heavy Metal, with emphasis on great guitars riffs, a hyper-powerful bass and the drums, that has an intense footprint.



Riccardo Linassi

Wonderlostland, the drumer Ricardo Linassi's personal Project.
The theme covered is the trivialization of love in the present day, with 12 tracks, in which, besides the special participations, the fans will be able to check out a little more of the composer and be surprised with the singer Ricardo Linassi.


My Mirror (Ep)


EP which has three songs, is a teaser for the long awaited official album, "Earthcode".


Face to Face


A beautiful "unofficial" album, with mixtures of heavy and thrash metal, often in a medium "new metal" mood.
With a very cohesive and heavy sound, powerful riffs and outstanding chorus, make this a work of impeccable sound quality.


Fight (Ep)


Wandering between Prog Metal and Melodic, the band from Minas Gerais state Dinnamarque debuts in style!
The CD-Demo "Fight" features four tracks very well composed and should satisfy those who enjoy names like Symphony X, Treasure Land, Centaur, Ivanhoe and Tunnelvision ...


Cara a Cara


Our record touches on various aspects of pop and rock and can be heard both by the new generation and by previous generations, our parents and even grandmothers.

Labels mean preconceptions, and that's all we do not want our audience to have from our work.


The Brave and the Bold (Ep)


The title track shows the consistency and the good taste of the quintet, starting as a ballad and developing with a lot of "feeling".
"Be" closes the work in a more energetic way, returning the good old Heavy Metal of Bave that, throughout the material, stands out mainly by the technique and variation in right doses.


The Call of Peace (Ep)

Ata D'arc

As far as I can remember, most of the albums that came to my hands from the land of samba were at least good.
"Call of Peace" is not only good. It is excellent! It made me wonder if we should stop looking for good artists in traditional Metal countries and start taking a look at the other corners of the world.

  • Simple, straightforward, intuitive! With one of the most self-explanatory names in rock history, this is what you can expect from "Direct". Formed in 2014, the band is the result of a union not only interesting, but flammable!

    Rafael Dinnamarque


Age of Artemis

Ata Dar'c



Devil Dust




CA$H 2014

CA$H 2013

CA$H 2012

Age of Artemis

Ata D'arc



Devil Dust









Eminence Studio 2008


The Beginning

Learn Drums



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Freelancer Musician

Available for live shows and events. Metal, Rock, Classic Rock, Pop Rock, MPB, Progressive Rock, among others. 25 years of experience.

Studio Musician

Studio recordings, live and video clips. Wide experience in recording studios.


Soundtrack for your work, short or long movie, publicity and advertising.

Drums Classes

Drum teacher in class or online. With his own handbook.
I cover contents, such as: techniques, rudiments, double pedal, reading, rhythms, etc. Visit drum app

Darezzo Musical Institute

"You'll learn the secrets to playing drums in less than 30 days."

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    • HI-HAT HEAVY 14"
    • CHINA 18"
    • RIDE POWER 20"
    • CRASH MEDIUM 17"
    • CRASH POWER 18"
    • BELL 6"
    • SPLASH WILD 10"
    • HI-HAT 10"
    • CRASH MEDIUM 18"
    • CRASH FULL 18"
    • RIDE DRY 20"
    • HI-HAT WILD 14"
    • CHINA 2000 18"


    The other side of myself

    These books expose the memories and ramblings about life, the author's view of the world of relationships, the lack of tolerance, and the diversity of human feelings. Sometime a point of view, other times na outburst.

    Book 1 Book 2