Evolve and Decay (Ep)


  • Date
    July, 2021

The Minas Gerais state/Brazil heavy/thrash metal group Seawalker, formed by Filipe Duarte (vocals and bass), Stefano Mazzochi and Daniel Saymon (guitars) and Riccardo Linassi (drums), has been releasing singles that will integrate the new EP, "Evolve and Decay".
"We recorded these songs in the transition between 2020 and 2021 through the new line-up, as the band went on hiatus from 2014 and remained so until 2018", explained Filipe Duarte.
The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered at Estúdio Hertz (MG), with production by André Mendonça and Léo Turbo, and co-production by Filipe Duarte. "We usually say that we are somewhere on the thrash metal spectrum. The main influences come from Metallica, Rage, Megadeth and Slayer. Our goal is to practice heavy metal and to present an engaging content, with strong criticism of the 'modus operandi' of society. modernity, human relationships and personal conflicts", concluded Duarte.

Ricardo Batalha - whiplash.net

The quartet comes in 2021 with a new lineup, after 13 years of existence, and a new EP with four new tracks to be released in digital format, entitled "Evolve and Decay". The new material will brings some issues such as the hypocrisy of modern society, personality disorders, and the big thematic novelty in the track "Hidden”, with the theme of Ufology.
The single "Hoax" is a partnership between vocalist Filipe Duarte and ex-guitarist, Guilherme Costa.

Eduardo Macedo - whiplash.net