The Lion Within (Ep)

Ugly Truth

  • Date
    April, 2021

One of the most renowned heavy rock musicians, Riccardo Linassi (drums/vocals) - also a member of Dinnamarque - alongside Bruno Coimbra (Vocals/Bass), Ismael Souza (Guitars/Voices), presents the new sound of UGLY TRUTH - the 'true naked and raw', in the free translation of Coimbra. The idea is to take advantage of the pandemic to release an EP, which already has a name: "Human Factory".

And taking the heavy rock genre literally, the trio decided to use UFC fighters as extras in the video for "The Lion Within", an unusual mix, but which works to enhance the accurate sound of Ugly Truth: just like in the fight that takes place in the octagon, in this band there is no place for tricks, only riffs that sound like blows in the ear. Are you ready to be knocked out by this sound?

Ugly Truth started work in 2021 at the worst part of the pandemic and releases its first single in April. The Lion Within comes with references from Heavy, Thrash, Power and Speed Metal, bringing as influences big names of the scene like Angra, Helloween, Iron Maiden and Pantera.
The single was recorded in BH at Artestudio Produções Sonoras (Claudio Keppel) and produced by the musicians themselves, signing the Mix and Master producer Dandan Gallagher (Peregrino Music Studio).

Marcos Tadeu –