Virtual Revolution

Riccardo Linassi

  • Date
    November, 2021

Drummer Riccardo Linassi revealed the cover of “Virtual Revolution”, his third solo album. The work will be a 'guitarist collection'. 10 names from the national scene were invited to contribute to the record. Each artist donated one of their songs, still unreleased, to be an integral part of “Virtual Revolution”. The style mixes from Blues to Heavy Metal. The cover art was developed by design artist Marcos Kbral.

It’s an album made up of guest guitarists, where each musician provided an unpublished composition to be part of the CD, creating a kind of guitarist collection. Guitarists Beto Lani, Diogo Mafra, Jon Neto, Ivan Fonseca, Borba, Luiz Caldas, Guilherme Costa, Claudio Kiari, Leandro Martins and Tiago de Moura participated.