The Darkside of Human Nature


  • Date
    December, 2021

In 2020, we celebrate the debut album by the Minas Gerais state/Brazil heavy metal quartet Dinnamarque (led by vocalist and bassist Rafael Dinnamarque), which came after almost 20 years on the road by the group. As if to make up for all this waiting, 2021 isn't even over and the band strikes again.
And strike it! "The Darkside of Human Nature", the boys' second release, comes with such force that even scares. Not that the debut 'One Spirit of a Thousand Faces' was bad - quite the opposite, but this album here took a leap in quality to the ambition that is rarely seen in the independent national metal scene.

As the previous work was simply traditional heavy metal with touches of power metal, now the band assumes this later one as a label and still invests in orchestrations, more keyboards and more dynamic riffs.
The epic, self-titled opening sets the tone for this endeavor, but even shorter tracks like "In the Water", "Sacrifice" and "Rise of Fools" don't leave the symphonic elements aside.

Want something more raw? The killer "House of Madmen" has almost nothing but voice, guitar, bass and drums. Want a breather? "Chains of Misery" is the closest thing to a ballad in this work. Want a surprise? "El Matador" wich arrives with unpredictable weather... Hispanic! With trumpets, flamenco guitar, castanets percussion and everything in style. I really don't know what the guys were thinking when they decided to do this, but they were very happy.
If the debut album made Dinnamarque a 'promising' name, "The Darkside of Human Nature" consolidates them as a national highlight and already imposes a very high level to be reached on the next release.

Victor de Andrade Lopes -