Overcoming 10 Years

Age of Artemis

  • Date
    November, 2021

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the release of their debut album, "Overcoming Limits", the Brazilian band Age of Artemis released "Overcoming 10 Years", presenting new versions, fully rearranged for acoustic format, of all the songs from their debut album, as a bonus an unreleased song, "Healing Wounds".
Age of Artemis has in its current lineup Airton Araujo on Vocals, Giovanni Sena on Bass, Gabriel Soto and Jeff Castro on Guitars and Riccardo Linassi on Drums.

At the release of "Overcoming 10 Years", and drawing a parallel with the recording of the band's previous album, "Monomyth", drummer Riccardo Linassi commented:
"Age of Artemis is always a challenge, in the compositions and in the execution of the songs. Monomyth is a work that makes me very proud to have participated. Everything there was meticulously placed, from the sound to the drum lines themselves. It tooks around 4 hours until we got the sound we wanted to start recording. In total, it took 5 days at the studio. A lot of work and learning. I consider it a masterpiece! Overcoming 10 Years has another connotation, and is equally superlative in terms of arrangements and recording. The challenge here was to apply another language to the already existing songs. The richness of different rhythms contained in this album is another highlight. It’s Very different from our traditional power metal and it will surely surprise everyone positively!".

"Overcoming 10 Years" was produced by Giovanni Sena, Mixed by Eduardo Belchior of Intense Music Productions and Mastered by Ronny Miliannowicz, both from Sweden. The drums were recorded at Estúdio Spot79, in Belo Horizonte city, and the percussions at Thiago Limacruz, in Brasília city. The Guitars, Bass and Keyboards were recorded at GT&L, in Brasília city. The vocals, by Airton Araujo, were all recorded in his Home Studio.

Luis Fernando Ribeiro; Leandro Abrantes - whiplash.net