The Circle of the Crow (Ep)

The Mist

  • Date
    January, 2022

After almost 30 years without releasing new material, the Minas Gerais state/Brazil group The Mist launches on streaming platforms the new EP, "The Circle of the Crow", recorded at the Maçonaria do Audio studio, with Alan Wallace (Eminence) as producer. Vladimir Korg (vocals), Edu Megale (guitar), Wesley Ribeiro (bass) and Riccardo Linassi on drums.

According to Korg, the EP will be intended as a passage for the composition of the new full album. "I brought the band to the stage after almost 30 years and they stuck with the promise of releasing a new album. The EP will make that transition until we have a full album", declared vocalist Vladimir Korg.

"The EP goes through a lot of what is the last single, 'The Tempest', something very Shakespearean. I had already done some Shakespeare-focused things in the Unabomber Files, but this single only has the same title. We went through this tumultuous storm, lost two members during the pandemic, and we had a responsibility to release more music to honor The Mist's name."

"On the EP, we focused a lot on the compositions and it was a hard work. We couldn't release a poor work, because everything would have to honor our name, on the graphics, compositions and, of course, the message. Even with the pandemic that stopped us and all the difficulty of composing at a distance, we rise again".

Ricardo Batalha -