The Brave and the Bold (Ep)


  • Date
    December, 2006

A traditional heavy metal band from Belo Horizonte city, the Brave has been playing a homemade role in recent years, spreading its name through Minas Gerais state, but without expanding nationwide. The opportunity certainly comes with the release of "The Brave N' The Bold", EP premiered by a clearly perceptible musical maturity, and a great recording.
The quintet features great debut material. "Kingdom Come", opening track, features a captivating sound with good individual passages - as well as the bassist Wilson - as well as in the collective form. "Hunters" has a more Hard / Heavy footprint, and Hiran's vocals come to remind us of King Diamond in some passages. The title track shows the consistency and the good taste of the quintet, starting as a ballad and developing with a lot of "feeling". "Be" closes the work in a more energetic way, returning the good old Heavy Metal of Bave that, throughout the material, stands out mainly by the technique and variation in right doses.

Alexandre Oliveira – Roadie Crew Magazine