• Date
    March, 2011

Released in 2011, Earthcode is a high-quality debut and shows that Seawalker has a lot to offer. The work features a powerful Heavy Metal, with emphasis on great guitars riffs, a hyper-powerful bass and the drums, that has an intense footprint.
The melody of the compositions and the good solos make the sonority of the band flirt with Power Metal, and some breaks put the songs in a Prog Metal line. Everything very well elaborated and that only adds in the songs. Highlights for "Helladise", "Stumble" and "Path to the Future".

Vitor Franceschini – Blog Arte Metal

Earthcode, is an independent CD with diverse themes approaches, with 8 tracks counting with one instrumental. Ricardo Linassi, the band's first drummer, co-authored with Filipe Duarte two tracks on the album. The CD features the special participation of the renowned guitarist Gustavo Colen of the band Dynasty.