Age of Artemis

  • Date
    March, 2019

Five years after releasing their second album, Age of Artemis now reaches its third album entitled "Monomyth". Over these five years the band has passed through significant changes in its formation.
The original drummer Pedro Senna left and the talented and versatile Riccardo Linassi joined them; Nathan Grego was replaced by the awesome Jeff Castro and the incredible Alírio Netto gave up his position as vocalist to the young and hardworking Pedro Campos, (ex-Hangar, Soulspell) and here he delivers a spectacular performance, giving more value to his melodic vocals. Pedro really was the right choice to assume the vocals.

The lyrical part of the album is based on the concept of the monomyth, also called "Hero's Journey", which is a concept of a cyclical journey present in myths, according to anthropologist Joseph Campbell. The lyrics were composed by bassist Giovanni Sena with contributions from Pedro and Riccardo.
The instrumental parts are impeccable, very technical and each instrument is perfectly aligned. The band since its first album has been showing a very noticeable sound evolution, a Power/Progressive Metal with elements of Brazilian music.

Giovanni was in charge of the production, and the mixing and mastering were done by Damien Rainaud in Los Angeles. "Monomyth" is, in my opinion, the band's most mature and cohesive album so far, despite the significant line-up changes they have managed to maintain their essence and evolve.

The highlights of the album are "Helping Hand", "Lightning Strikes", "Endless Fight", "What Really Matters" and the ballad "A Great Day to Live". It is worth checking out this incredible work by Age of Artemis!

George Ramos –