Adagio - Undead (drum cover)
Adagio - The Astral Pathway (drum cover)
Adagio - Vamphyri (drum cover)
Age or Artemis - Broken Bridges (Rock in Rio 2015)
Age or Artemis - You'll See (Rock in Rio 2015)

Fantoches (Directa)

Erotomania (Dream Theater drum cover)
Echoes Within (Age of Artemis)
Heal (Linassi)
Clash of Mind (Dinnamarque)
Face To Face (Escarpus)
Krusty Eyes (Dinnamarque)
Mercantes - O Que Eu Quis
Ricardo Linassi - Deep Unknown (Stratovarius drummer auditions)
Ricardo Linassi - Father Time (Stratovarius drummer auditions)
Ricardo Linassi - Coming Home (Stratovarius drummer auditions)
Ricardo Linassi - Pirates of the Caribbean theme
Dinnamarque - Fight (promo video) Dinnamarque - Evil Celebrities (live)
Dinnamarque - Progenies (Dimmu Borgir cover) Dinnamarque - Krusty Eyes (live)
Dinnamarque - Angel in Black (Primal Fear cover) Dinnamarque - One Spirit of a Thousand Faces (live)
Ricardo performing Redneck (Lamb of God) Ricardo performing Scrum (Slayer)
Seawalker - Stumble (live on TV) Seawalker - recording sessions 1 (warming up)
Seawalker - recording sessions 2 (Helladise take) Seawalker - My Mirror (live)
Seawalker - Season in the Abyss (Slayer cover) Seawalker - Path to the Future (live Libertas Fest)
Banda CA$H - performing Strokes (live at Studio Bar) Banda CA$H - Be Yourself (live at Studio Bar)
Banda CA$H - Use Somebody (live at Circus Rock Bar) Banda CA$H - In the End (live at Circus Rock Bar)
Banda CA$H - Supermassive Black Hole (live at Circus) Banda CA$H - Everlong (live at Circus Rock Bar)
Superbox - Cara a Cara (Official video clip) Superbox - Cara a Cara (making of video clip)
Superbox - live on TV (Arrumação) Superbox - live on TV (Rodeio na TV)
Superbox - Garagem do Faustão (TV show) Superbox - To de Longe (live Hard Rock Cafe Brazil)
Khyrius - Give into me (making of video clip)