Ricardo was born in August 7th, 1979 in Marau/RS/Brazil. He started playing drums at 11y.o. by his own. Also had a few classes to learn reading music in 1998. Ricardo made an apostil and since 2000 teaches private drum classes.
He also plays other instruments, what lead him to write many songs, wich some of them can be listen in bands like Ata D'arc, Dinnamarque, Escarpus and Seawalker.
He also worked in studio between 2002 and 2009.
In 2011 released two solo albums with his own songs. The first one is Heavy Metal and the second one is Rock.
The third solo album is being released as a rescue to the past, with all old songs wrote by him.

Ricardo doesn´t have an unique drummer who has influenced him and his style of playing. And just because of it, he can sound different of other regular drummers. He can play a light music as Pop as good as he plays Heavy Metal.

Eclectic, he likes Classical, Celtic, Pop, Rock, Metal (whatever metal is...) What sounds good, is good to listen to.

Some of the drummers Ricardo admires: Nicko McBrain, , Paul Bostaph, John Tempesta, Charlie Benante, Dave Lombardo, Mike Mangini, Mike Terrana, Mike Portnoy, Randy Black, Thomas Lang, Uli Kusch, Vinnie Paul, Chris Adler, Aquiles Priester, João Barone, Kiko Freitas, Charles Gavin, Ivan Busic, Fernando Schaeffer, Albino Infantozzih... it´s endless. These are just a few.


- Curto Circuito (rock) 1991
- Densidade Zero (rock) 1993 a 1994
- Behead (rock) 1997
- Projeto Oculto (rock) 1998
- In Excelsis (rock/blues) - 1999
- Raça Galponeira (Traditional South Brazilian music)
- Skellter (rock) 2002 a 2003
- Ata D'arc (heavy metal) 2002 a 2005
- Mahgah (mpb/rock) 2003 - 2012
- Brave (heavy metal) 2005 2010
- Dinnamarque (heavy metal) 2005 - 2011
- Superbox (pop/rock) 2005 2009
- BelloweeN (heavy metal Helloween tribute) 2006 a 2007
- Escarpus (thrash metal) 2007 2009
- Seawalker (heavy metal) 2008 2011
- Vinil (classi rock) 2009
- Rock Station (rock 90's) 2009 2011
- Revox Revival (classic rock) 2009 2011
- CA$H (rock 90's 2000's) - 2011 - today
- Aunora (rock 2000's) - 2011
- Directa (rock) - 2014
- Age of Artemis - 2014 (heavy metal)

As a session drummer, has just finished recording for two bands: Instaurer (Power Metal) and Insulter (Thrash/Death Metal)

Also as free-lancer in different styles of music, he played with bands like Creedence Revox, Devil Dust, Douglas Carraro, Dynasty, Elefantes Elegantes, Insulter, Jon Neto JNT, Mandrax, Marcelo Barbosa (Almah, Khallice), Marina Kim, Mercantes, Mothership, Pátria Refúgio, Texas Flood, between others.

Private Teacher

August 2000 TODAY